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Editor's Note: This story is unlocked for everyone to read courtesy of the CRVA, our partner in nourishing culinary exploration for residents and visitors of the Queen City.

January 13, 2021

Where to buy cocktails to-go in Charlotte

Our running list of places crafting cocktails to enjoy at home

A bottled Painkiller from The Crunkleton in Elizabeth. Kristen Wile/UP

Governor Roy Cooper approved the sale of cocktails to go late last year via executive order, an announcement that came quite unexpectedly. It took restaurants and bars some time to wade through the rules around selling cocktails for guests to enjoy at home, secure packaging, and set up ordering systems, but bottled, canned, or bagged cocktails are getting easier to find. You can purchase only one cocktail per 21+ person present at pick-up, however, so if you’re ordering for a group, be sure to all pile in the car for pickup. Don’t forget our Moscow Mule cocktail sampler kits are on sale now, too! Pre-order yours today and get everything you need minus the vodka to make Moscow Mules from eight of the city’s top bartenders. 

300 East, Dilworth
The Matilda Wong, 300 East’s sole to-go option, is a menu mainstay. The boozy cocktail is made with gin, rum, triple sec, brandy, and sour, so it’s probably not a bad thing you can only grab one of these to go. 

Bardo, South End
This South End spot, which recently became a tasting menu concept, is offering several of Amanda Britton’s cocktails to go, including Stay Golden, a rum, turmeric, ginger, and coconut milk concoction, and Walking in Wilmore, a season-appropriate Scotch, apple, and baking spice drink.

Billy Sunday, Optimist Hall
Pick up a bottled classic old-fashioned, or go with one of the craft cocktail bar’s more whimsical drinks, including the Online Shopper, made with bourbon, passionfruit, citrus, and tiki spices.

The Cotton Room, Uptown
Uptown bars and restaurants are among those hit the hardest during the economic fallout from the ongoing pandemic. Grab a Wild Thyme, a vodka-based drink with thyme, peach, and raspberry, or an Old-Fashioned to support The Cotton Room.

The Crunkleton, Elizabeth
Any of The Crunkleton’s cocktails can be sold to-go thanks to a bottling machine. Grab a Painkiller and picture the beach for your next staycation.

Dot Dot Dot, Montford Park
Four classic cocktails can be purchased to bring home in Boston round bottles: a black Manhattan, The Richardson, vesper, or a negroni. While the drinks are sold for servings of one, they’re strong enough and large enough to serve two when poured over large format ice.

Dogwood Southern Table, SouthPark
Mixologist Eli Privette is serving up rotating, themed cocktails, and his “Smoke & Fire” list is fit for the cold weather. It is available to go in its entirety, including the Chasing Fire (Scotch, smoked tea, bananas, and pecans) and Vapors (vodka, grapefruit, lavender, and sparkling water).

Fin & Fino, Uptown
Moving on from their cocktail menu inspired by grandmas, BK and the Clams are serving up an assortment of ’80s yearbook-themed drinks. Each drink, such as the Zombie Apocalypse Team (made with gin, mezcal, yellow Chartreuse, and bitters) also indicates which Fin staff member would win that superlative  — in this case, Tim, BK, Chef Scott, TJ, and Fanny.

The Goodyear House, NoDa
Served in sealable, Capri Sun-style bags, The Goodyear House’s to-go cocktail options are a spicy margarita or the restaurant’s signature old-fashioned, the Highland Park Mill.

Haberdish, NoDa
The cocktails at Haberdish are always spot on for the seasons thanks to Colleen Hughes, the lead mixologist over Haberdish and upcoming Supperland. Sold in 16-ounce portions, the to-go menu includes a pineapple rum punch and tea punch. 

Haymaker, Uptown
All of the cocktails on the menu here are available to purchase to go from this restaurant that prioritizes supporting local and sustainability. 

Idlewild, NoDa
NoDa cocktail bar Idlewild is bringing its barkeep’s choice of bespoke cocktails to your home. Share what you like when you order, then come grab your drink — as well as a hand-cut, clear ice cube. 

The Jailhouse, Belmont
Belmont spot The Jailhouse is serving signature cocktails — including Angels on Board and Lavender Vanilla Drop — in squat plastic bottles for you to enjoy at home. 

Kindred Restaurant, Davidson
Two of the best-selling drinks at this award-winning restaurant in Davidson are available in bottles: Soigne West, a bourbon and Amaro cocktail, and a Pimm’s Cup. 

Sea Level NC, Uptown
If you’re looking for heat at home, grab a Ghost Pepper Pommarita from Uptown seafood spot Sea Level. Made with tequila, pomegranate liqueur, triple sec, pomegranate, lime, and ghost pepper syrup, the cocktail is among the many you can order to go. 

Spindle Bar, Optimist Hall
The cocktail bar of the Optimist Park food fall is a sister concept to Billy Sunday. Get any of their cocktails to-go packaged in a 12-ounce bottle, including classics like a boulevardier or margarita or more seasonal options.

Soul Gastrolounge, Plaza Midwood
Mixologist Kel Minton’s creative cocktails pair well with Soul’s eclectic mix of small plates. Add a pomegranate mule to your order, or the restaurant’s Blulian or Worst Case Ontario cocktails.

The Stanley, Elizabeth
The Stanley is bottling most of its cocktail list, including The Stanleyville (the restaurant’s take on an old-fashioned), The Cortez (a rum-based cocktail with hibiscus, sumac, and rosemary), and stunning Lavender Crush. 

Tommy’s Pub, East Charlotte
Currently closed because the owner is fighting Covid, our favorite dive bar was serving a small menu of to-go drinks, including Irish coffee and hot cocoa with peanut butter Skrewball or peppermint or butterscotch schnapps.

Vana, South End
Unless you’re a professional, there’s no replicating Amanda Britton’s style of cocktails at home. To-go options from the sister concept to Bardo include the Redeye to Tulum (mezcal, pineapple rum, coconut milk, cinnamon, espresso, and grapefruit), Hot Child in the City (bourbon, marmalade, jalapeño-infused honey), and Keep It Spicy, a riff on a spicy margarita, as well as a bartender’s choice. 

The Waterman Fish Bar, Sedgefield
You can’t enjoy Sedgefield fried seafood spot The Waterman’s beautiful rooftop view at home, but you can grab most of their cocktails to-go, including their Fish House Punch and Nautical Mule, a take on the classic with blackberry and anise.


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