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Meet your new local dining resource

UNPRETENTIOUS PALATE is a digital publication covering food and drink in Charlotte. Kristen Wile, our editor and lead writer, became one of the city’s most trusted voices in food and local restaurants as the food editor of Charlotte’s city magazine before leaving to start Unpretentious Palate. At UP, you’ll find ethical food journalism that isn’t based on free meals. We’ll be your taste testers around the city, letting you know where you can’t miss and where to skip. And we’ll ban any condescending food-writer speak. We’ll tell you the dishes we love, where to go on date night, and the best places for cocktails. You can trust us.


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All the same benefits as above, but you save $12 annually. That’s enough to order an extra appetizer the next time you’re at your favorite restaurant!

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Couldn’t find a subscription offer that works best for you? We can help with that. Drop us an email at editor@unpretentiouspalate.com. We always enjoy talking to folks who are interested in the Charlotte dining scene.