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    Editor's Note: This story is unlocked for everyone to read courtesy of the CRVA, our partner in nourishing culinary exploration for residents and visitors of the Queen City.

    September 10, 2020

    Where Chefs Eat: Bruce Moffett of Moffett Restaurant Group

    One of the city’s most popular chef/owners has a diverse palate

    Folks in the restaurant industry know good food, so we want to know where they eat when they’re outside of their restaurants. In this series, we ask a member of the culinary industry to share their favorite local restaurants (not including their own) and what they order. Bruce Moffett is the chef and owner behind some of the city’s top fine dining restaurants, including Stagioni, Barrington’s, and Good Food on Montford, but that doesn’t mean he only eats at white-tablecloth spots.

    Doan’s, LoSo
    A family-run Vietnamese restaurant on South Boulevard
    Moffett’s order: Crispy quail and pork bun

    Kabab-Je Rotisserie & Grille, multiple locations
    One of the city’s best stops for kababs
    Moffett’s order: Grape leaves, lamb shish kebab sandwich, tabbouleh and hummus

    Original Pancake House, multiple locations
    A classic breakfast chain complete with sticky maple syrup jars
    Moffett’s order: Buckwheat pancakes, an egg over easy, and side of bacon

    Musashi Japanese Restaurant, South Charlotte 
    This authentic restaurant is one of the most often mentioned among chefs
    Moffett’s order: The pork and kimchi, beef and tofu, and agesaki ika (dried squid)
    Pro tip: There’s a private room on the side of the dining room you can request when you arrive. “You have to take your shoes off when you go in there,” Moffett says. 

    Moosehead Grill, Montford Park
    The casual spot next to Good Food on Montford is popular in the restaurant industry
    Moffett’s order: Blackened wings


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