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    Editor's Note: This story is unlocked for everyone to read courtesy of the CRVA, our partner in nourishing culinary exploration for residents and visitors of the Queen City.

    August 27, 2021

    The city’s most underrated pizzas

    10 pizza shops share the pies diners too often overlook

    Whether it’s Chicago-style, thin crust, or deep dish, I think we can all agree that pizza can be considered an important food group. That’s why this week, we have compiled a list of ten local restaurants that offer a variety of unique pies and the pizza those restaurants think diners unfairly overlook. If you’re looking to venture out from that classic pepperoni, we’ve got you covered. 

    Inizio Pizza, Ballantyne and Dilworth
    Most underrated pizza: The Maria
    What’s on it: A seasonal mushroom blend, truffle crema, roasted garlic, buffalo mozzarella, sea salt, and pecorino cheese

    Bisonte Pizza Co., Matthews and Uptown
    Most underrated pizza: Buffalo chicken finger pizza
    What’s on it: Homemade bleu cheese base topped with Bisonte chicken fingers, tossed in medium sauce, and Fontinella and mozzarella cheeses

    Pizzeria Omaggio, Uptown
    Most underrated pizza: Napule
    What’s on it: Tomato sauce, fresh mozzarella, Kalamata olives, anchovies, olive oil, and fresh basil

    Sal’s Pizza Factory, Monroe Road and Dilworth
    Most underrated pizza: Buffalo calamari pizza
    What’s on it: Fried calamari tossed in buffalo sauce over mozzarella cheese 

    Pure Pizza, Plaza Midwood
    Most underrated pizza: The Lulu
    What’s on it: Mozzarella, ground beef, bacon, tomatoes, jalapenos, and pimento cheese 

    Stagioni, Myers Park
    Most underrated pizza: Lamb pizza
    What’s on it: Mozzarella, tomato sauce, smoked lamb sausage, sweet peppers, banana peppers, hot cherry peppers, sorghum, and fresh oregano

    Mama Ricotta’s, Myers Park
    Most underrated pizza: Chicken Oreganata
    What’s on it: Roasted chicken breast, shredded mozzarella, red onions, and gorgonzola cheese drizzle with extra virgin olive oil

    Intermezzo, Plaza Midwood
    Most underrated pizza: Mexican pizza
    What’s on it: Seasoned beef, mozzarella, black beans, tomatoes, scallions, cilantro, jalapenos and spicy crema

    Capishe, Morehead Street
    Most underrated pizza: San Lorenzo
    What’s on it: Speciality Capishe red sauce, bufala mozzarella, sweet peppadew, cipollini onion, Italian sausage, fresh garlic, and extra virgin olive oil 

    Pizzeria Sapienza, Uptown
    Most underrated pizza: Bruschetta pizza
    What’s on it: Tomato, basil, onion and mozzarella 

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