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January 13, 2022

Our snow-day stockpiles: challah and carnitas

The bread on our shopping list isn’t from the grocery store

The bread on our snow list isn’t from the grocery store. Kristen Wile/UP

We won’t be heading to the grocery store to stock up before this weekend’s impending winter weather event. Whether we’ll get snow or ice and how much remains uncertain, but the one thing we know is bread and milk aren’t the top things on our staff’s pre-storm shopping lists.

Here are some of the things we’ll be shopping for before the storm rolls in:

Tortillas and carnitas from Lupitas Carnicería y Tortillería
Writer Travis Mullis says he’ll be buying tortillas and carnitas from Lupitas, which you can purchase in bulk to enjoy at home. Tender, flavorful meat and warm tortillas make for a hearty snow day spread.

Chocolate chip challah, Team Rose Bread
Okay, it’s bread, but this isn’t your usual sliced big brand loaf, says writer Shannon Blair. Team Rose Bread, a family-run SouthPark business, is known for challah and rustic loaves, available for pickup on Saturday — just before we’ll be hunkering down. Enjoy it by the slice, in French toast, or as the base of an indulgent bread pudding.

Duck confit, Patrick’s Gourmet
There are some dishes I just don’t dare try to make at home, and classic duck confit is among them. Luckily, Patrick Garrivier of Patrick’s Gourmet takes care of the cooking for us. We’re stocked up on his frozen meals, including traditional duck confit and cassoulet, for when we need a filling and flavorful dish with little effort.

Cheese board supplies, Orrman’s Cheese Shop
Being house-bound can lead to boredom. Instead of buying a cheese board already made, our social media manager, Kiersten Poland, will pick up cheese and accoutrements at Orrman’s and spend time creating her own beautiful display to nibble on.

Piña colada or mango gelato, Artisen Gelato
Anita Skogland, our resident wine and cheese expert, isn’t against eating cold treats when it’s cold out. Her freezer will have a healthy supply of the creamy Italian frozen dessert from Artisen Gelato in Matthews.

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