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March 27, 2020

Charlotte businesses and organizations offer support to restaurant employees

Discounts and relief programs created for those out of work during COVID-19

As culinary and hospitality unemployment increases, businesses and organizations in Charlotte are creating resources and programs to supplement workers’ loss of income and stability. Restaurants that have transitioned to curbside pick-up are extending discounts to industry employees, while others who have turned their restaurants to general stores are providing “care packages” with staple items for industry members free of charge. Discounts include a percentage off purchases, free items like coffee and breakfast, and free meals for kids. 

Earlier this week, the Piedmont Culinary Guild partnered with SYSCO and Central Piedmont Community College to create 500 grocery bags that included chicken, eggs, mixed produce, rice, oats, and bread for chefs and restaurant owners to pick up and distribute to employees impacted by COVID-19. There are plans to continue the program in the weeks to come. 

“We are working with another distributor right now to do another meal or grocery program next week. We hope to get distributors lined up over the next few weeks to provide at least some kind of offering to our displaced workforce,” Piedmont Culinary Guild Executive Director Kris Reid says. 

Individuals can help and support industry employees by donating tips directly to employees through ServiceIndustry.tips. Click here to sign up or donate. 

For a full list of current industry discounts and programs, click here. Included are state and national programs. This list will be updated. ––Justin Burke

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