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March 23, 2023

See the dishes at our Meat & Potatoes dinner

Six chefs created six incredible courses

by Kristen Wile | Photos by Ryan Allen

On Monday night, some of Charlotte’s most talented chefs gathered to help shatter Charlotte’s culinary stereotype as a meat and potatoes town: chefs Scott Wallen (Burke Hospitality), Patrick Garrivier (Patrick’s Gourmet Catering), Kaley Laird (Mimosa Grill), Michael Bowling (Hot Box Next Level Kitchen), Alyssa Wilen (Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen), and Samantha Ward (Wentworth & Fenn). Each chef was tasked with creating a dish that uses meat and potatoes, but with a catch: no prime cuts could be used. 

Diners at Mimosa Grill were treated to a meal unlike any other. See photos of the event below.

The first course, a passed appetizer, from Burke Hospitality executive chef Scott Wallen. The beef cheek empanadas featured a light pastry shell filled with flavorful beef cheek. Ryan Allen/Unpretentious Palate

Chef Patrick Garrivier and chef Treasure Williams in the kitchen at Mimosa Grill. Ryan Allen/UP

French-born chef Patrick Garrivier of Patrick’s Gourmet Catering served a traditional terrine, made with calf liver and beef tongue, served alongside mustard, pickles, and toasted baguette. Ryan Allen/Unpretentious Palate

Chef Kaley Laird of Mimosa Grill’s salad featured crispy pig ear pieces. Ryan Allen/Unpretentious Palate

Hot Box Next Level Kitchen’s Michael Bowling shared his love for cooking with rabbit at the dinner, creating a rabbit ragu with truffled potato croquettes. Ryan Allen/Unpretentious Palate

Unpretentious Palate’s Kristen Wile and chef Michael Bowling discuss Bowling’s dish. Ryan Allen/Unpretentious Palate

Chefs Gloria Wheeler, left, and Scott Wallen (right) help plate a lamb neck dish by Alyssa Wilen of Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen. Ryan Allen/Unpretentious Palate

Chef Kaley Laird, the new executive chef of Mimosa Grill, makes some final touches to plating. Ryan Allen/Unpretentious Palate

Chef Alyssa Wilen’s lamb neck schawarma with a root vegetable purée, rhubarb carrots, and pistachio crumble. Ryan Allen/Unpretentious Palate

Dessert from Samantha Allen of Wentworth & Fenn: a foie gras and caramel custard with torched potato meringue, apple marmalade, and hazelnut shortbread. Ryan Allen/Unpretentious Palate

Chef Samantha Allen of Wentworth & Fenn garnishes her dish. Ryan Allen/Unpretentious Palate

The lineup of chefs and assistants at our Meat & Potatoes dinners (from left to right): Scott Wallen, Treasure Williams, Kaley Laird, Kristen Wile, Alyssa Wilen, Patrick Garrivier, Samantha Allen, and Gloria Wheeler. Ryan Allen/Unpretentious Palate

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