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November 8, 2022

Photo recap: Meet the Chef with Alyssa Wilen

The meal was a reminder Wilen remains one of the city’s most talented chefs

by Kristen Wile

As you’ll most often find her leading a cooking class, many diners don’t think of Chef Alyssa Wilen as a fine dining chef. However, guests at our Meet the Chef dinner on Monday night tasted first hand just how high Wilen ranks among Charlotte chefs. Each course in our Meet the Chef series dinners take inspiration from a different time in their lives and culinary careers.

See photos of Chef Alyssa’s creations below. Thank you to our sponsor, Got To Be NC, for helping us support local chefs and farmers. Our next event is less than a week away. Join us at The UPPY Awards on Nov. 14!

The menu for our last Meet the Chef dinner of the year, featuring Alyssa Wilen. TM Petaccia/UP

The amuse bouche, a chicken oyster with miso butter. TM Petaccia/UP

Chef Alyssa Wilen plates a course inspired by her childhood, when she often ate smoked fish. TM Petaccia/UP

The final, plated version of the smoked snapper toast. TM Petaccia/UP


The market vegetables dish, a nod to Wilen’s chef mentors Joe Bonaparte, Paul Verica, and Marc Jacksina, featured carrots from Fair Share Farm, hibiscus from Small City Farm, and Boy & Girl Farm beets. TM Petaccia/UP

Culinary instructors from Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen took on front-of-house duties during the dinner. TM Petaccia/UP

The present featured pulled lamb rib from Sun Raised Foods and masala pumpkin, inspired by Wilen’s current study of Indian cuisine. TM Petaccia/UP

Many guests experienced Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen for the first time at our Meet the Chef dinner. TM Petaccia/UP

“The Future” course was focused on family, inspired by Alyssa’s husband Andrew and his favorite dish: strip steak. TM Petaccia/UP

Dessert featured two truffles from the pastry team: a dark chocolate truffle with truffle inside, and a white chocolate pumpkin spice truffle along with muscadine grapes. TM Petaccia/UP

Former Plated Pop-UP guest chef Patrick Garrivier was a guest for our Meet the Chef dinner. TM Petaccia/UP

Chef Alyssa Wilen shares the stories of her culinary career with guests. TM Petaccia/UP

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