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Editor's Note: This story is unlocked for everyone to read courtesy of the CRVA, our partner in nourishing culinary exploration for residents and visitors of the Queen City.

May 27, 2021

Charlotte restaurants offering Memorial Day family meals

Burgers, barbecue, and more to entertain this weekend

Parties are back, at least among the vaccinated population among us. Restaurants are still offering diners the chance to have restaurant-quality meals at home, however, whether its burgers you cook at home or a fully prepared dinner that just needs to be reheated. 

Chef Alyssa’s Kitchen
Order burgers, hot dogs, Duke’s Bread buns, and kebabs in servings of four for delivery or pick-up. Side options include cookout classics, including pasta, watermelon-strawberry, and potato salads. Order online by noon on Thursday, May 27.

Local purveyors come together in Freshlist’s cookout offering, with baby back ribs from Firsthand Foods, rib sauce from Sweet Lew’s, local vegetables, and potato rolls from Duke’s Bread. Order online

Noble Smoke
Barbecue is a Memorial Day tradition, and Noble Smoke makes it easier to enjoy smoked pork without a late night working the smoker. A whole pork butt, half-pan of mac-and-cheese, slaw, and buns serves 10 to 12 for $170. Order online at least 45 minutes in advance.

Pork barbecue from Noble Smoke in West Charlotte. Photo by LunahZon courtesy of Plaid Penguin

Jewish deli pop-up Meshugganah debuts a “pastrurger,” a ground pastrami and ground beef smash burger with sauerkraut and a shallot marmalade, at Resident Culture Brewing on Saturday, May 29. Attendees can also pick up a hot dog, knishes, seasonal deli salads by the pint, and baked goods including black and white cookies, pie by the slice, and brown butter-citrus bars.

Midwood Smokehouse
Party packs are available year-round at all of Midwood Smokehouse’s locations, feeding any number of guests from four to 24. Select your favorite of the restaurant’s meats and sides, including pork, brisket, mac-and-cheese, baked beans, and collards. $40-$185. Order 24 hours in advance by phone.

Sweet Lew’s BBQ
A barbecue party package includes two pounds of chopped pork, eight buns, and sides of slaw, mac-and-cheese, beans, and banana pudding for $75. Chopped pork and brisket are also available by the pound, with buns and slaw a la carte. Order online. 

Table & Twine
Get a grilling package that serves up to six delivered to your door, with the ability to add other items on as desired. The grilling package consists of six bratwursts and buns, six hamburgers with buns and toppings, and sides of potato salad, grilled vegetables, baked beans, and shortcake for $150. Order online.


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