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April 23, 2020

Q&A: Produce boxes and restaurant meal kits

Each week, we answer your questions about food and drink in Charlotte

Q: We did the “Market Basket” from Copain Gatherings this week and it was great! I was wondering if other restaurants are doing similar (farmers market boxes) or if you all have favorite CSAs?
UP: Yes, you can now buy boxes of produce from The Stanley. Simpson’s Produce, the farmers market on Kings Drive, is selling mixed boxes you can pick up curbside for $25. The CSA season is just starting, but most of our favorites have already sold out. Tega Hills Farms still has availability, as does Dover Farms. If you’re interested in meat, Evans Family Farm is doing boxes of beef, pork, lamb, and poultry.

Q: Are there any restaurants doing meal kits instead of pre-cooked meals?
UP: A few have started to! Bardo actually just kicked off meal kits this week. Common Market on Monroe Road is also selling some, and Sabor Latin Street Grill is selling kits to let you make empanadas at home.

Q: Where you can buy Cardamaro? I loved Brittany’s happy hour but didn’t see Cardamaro at the liquor store.
UP: Yes, it’s a wine-based apertif, so the proof on Cardamaro isn’t high enough to be sold at ABC stores. You can usually find it at wine shops with a good amari collection, such as Assorted Table Wine Shoppe in 7th Street Public Market, Foxcroft Wine Co., and Laurel Market. Earl’s Grocery isn’t open right now, but they sell it, as well. You can usually find everything you need across the border at Southern Spirits, too. Thanks for joining us at Brittany’s happy hour!

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