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    September 6, 2018

    Q&A: Boozy brunches, kid-friendly spots, soup dumplings

    We answer reader questions in our first Concierge chat.

    I moved here from Washington DC a year ago and I’m still searching for great Udon Soup. Everywhere I’ve tried taste so bland. Do I have to go back to DC to get my noodle soup in a delicious broth?

    I feel you on this one; Jon and I moved here from DC six (!) years ago now, and we still miss Thaitanic. What places have you tried? My recommendations would be Yama Izakaya in Plaza Midwood or Yamazaru in South
    End. Yama Izakaya is pretty traditional, though so many people were asking for sushi that they finally caved and added a full sushi roll menu recently.

    Where can I go for great takeout? Just because a restaurant is delicious, doesn’t mean they’ve mastered the fine art of takeout. Thanks!

    Truth! I love Yafo for takeout. You can still eat healthy to go. Jon (the Mr.) and I actually ordered Soul Gastrolounge takeout
    last night, and they said one of the things we wanted (the shells and cheese) wasn’t available for takeout, which I appreciate. Sabor is another great one, you can order online. Earl’s Grocery’s
    prepared foods are great for a grab-and-go meal, too.

    Where can I go for good food that’s also a little kid friendly? I don’t need a kids menu, but if there’s a place that’s loud and perhaps he can run around outside somewhere, but I can eat something besides wings and burgers, that would be awesome!

    For sure. Parents love Pizza Peel in Plaza Midwood, because it’s got a turf area that kids are always running around on, and it’s roped off from the sidewalk and street. But if you’re looking for something that’s
    not pizza, I’d try Reid’s in SouthPark. They’ve got a nice big patio, and there are often families out there. Seoul Food Meat Co., in South End, has a huge outdoor space with
    games. If you get there earlier in the evening, you could beat the 20-something rush.

    I’m moving to Charlotte from Philly this month. I love brunch and I am a foodie. Unlimited Mimosas are a plus if available. Thanks!

    We’re excited to have you here! If you’re more interested in the mimosas, I’d recommend Vivace and Hot Taco. Both have awesome mimosa deals. Another option for better
    food (and with mimosa specials) is Corkbuzz.

    Where can you get soup dumplings in Charlotte??

    Man, y’all came out swinging this week! This is a tough one. I’ve had them at Dragon Court in Asian Corner Mall, but they aren’t traditional; the staff says they are more like extra juicy dumplings.
    They still taste really good, though. Dragon Court has the Americanized cuisine on their menu, then a “Real Chinese” section with awesome dim sum options. The dining room is massive and doesn’t have any windows, but the food is seriously delicious.
    I haven’t been to this one, but sources say they’ve seen them at Chuan Wang Fu, too.

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